SXSBlog Wrecks $250,000 Worth of Side-by-Sides

Flipping a trailer on the interstate damages their most important rigs.

Worst day ever? Pretty close.SXSBlog

It’s a sad day in the side-by-side world, as SXSBlog flipped their trailer while hauling $250,000 worth of their best rigs. The total damage is unknown at this point, but it seems nothing got away unscathed, including their truck, which had its rear driver-side fender almost ripped off.

SXSBlog’s Yamaha YXZ being crushed by the flipped trailer.SXSBlog

Out of the five side-by-sides on the trailer, three of them remained strapped down. Their Yamaha YXZ, which the trailer landed on, and Can-Am Maverick X3 became detached in the crash. The roll bar for the X3 was caved in, but it drove fine, and the YZX will have to wait for further inspection to find everything wrong with it.

The famous 2JZ swapped RZR being craned onto their trailer.SXSBlog

The Polaris RZR Battlefield project, which was slated for a giveaway, the Polaris RZR Pro R, and the 2JZ swapped RZR stayed attached to the trailer during the rollover. The Battlefield project seemed to be fine, as it drove back onto the trailer without any issues while towing the Pro R. And finally, their beloved 2JZ swapped RZR had significant damage to one of the control arms and more unseen damage to the rest of the suspension.

That’s a lot of carnage, but it goes to show that accidents happen. We’re just glad the SXSBlog crew is safe, and everyone got out with nothing more than some bent metal.

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