Watch This System 3 Can-Am Defender 6x6 Rock Crawl

You can almost feel the frame groaning.

Rock crawling in a Can-Am Defender 6x6 at Sand Hollow State Park in Utah.UTV Guide & System 3 Off-Road

We’re gearing up for a big Utah trip in a few weeks, which means our feeds are filled with warm desert scenes of rigs crawling over slick rock. The stoke meter is at an all-time high for the UTV Driver team. One such video comes from the UTV Guide crew. They caught up with the System 3 Off-Road guys and their Can-Am Defender 6x6 rock crawler. Yes, you read that right: a 6x6 rock crawler.

The System 3 Off-Road folks make this 2.2-ton side-by-side look natural on the rocks.UTV Guide & System 3 Off-Road

It’s a far cry from the usual Defender builds that fill our Instagram and Twitter feeds that focus on swamping, and we’re here for it. System 3 is an engineering company that produces off-road tires and wheels for trail and race applications. You can download its catalog here.

Hit the short video above to watch a 6x6 plank over some slick rock. Everything about this build questions what an experienced rider would consider normal, but it works. The System 3 guys make this 2.2-ton side-by-side look totally natural on the Sand Hollow rocks.

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