Vanderhall Brawley Shows Off in New Teaser Video

Things are coming together in preparation for the start of production.

Vanderhall’s Brawley is coming.Vanderall / YouTube

Vanderhall has been mum on the status of the Brawley since it showed the UTV being subjected to “extreme weather testing” eight months ago. We’ve covered the Brawley before, and our anticipation hasn’t waned. We finally have news: Vanderhall released a video to showcase the Brawley’s progress, and updated its website, leading us to believe that we’re getting closer to the start of Brawley deliveries.

The video part of this doesn’t give us any further specifics about the UTV, though we do learn some tidbits about it and the production process along the way. Vanderhall is sourcing batteries from LG Energy Solution for the Brawley, but that seems to be the only piece the company outsourced. Vanderhall appears to have a full warehouse of chassis tubs ready to go, and at least one finished product looks to be functional and ready for testing. More interesting is the “Terms & Conditions” page on Vanderhall’s website. It sounds like the lawyers got involved and Vanderhall is preparing to deliver either good or bad news to those who preordered a Brawley. Interpret as you will.