Welcome to The Trailhead: The UTV Driver Podcast

Can-Ams, camping, and gas cans galore.

The UTV Driver Trailhead Podcast, Episode 1.Kevan Ray

It’s time folks, welcome to The Trailhead, the all-new podcast from the UTV Driver crew. The Trailhead is going to be a regular show where we discuss our favorite rigs, give you a deeper look at some of our most interesting stories, and shoot the breeze about all things UTV. Over the next several months expect interviews with guests, behind-the-scenes stories from our many adventures, and of course lots of discussion about our garage full of test rigs.

In our first episode, we delve into the Can-Am Defender Limited HD10 as our Rig of the Week, followed by a lot of talk about our time on Portsmouth Island, North Carolina. We talk about fishing, the struggles of driving in the sand, and somehow end up spending a lot of time discussing how much we love steel jerrycans.

Hopefully you have as much fun listening as we did recording it. We plan on adding a Q&A section to future shows, so if you have questions for us, you can get in touch with us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Enjoy the show and we will see you again in a couple of weeks.