Yamaha bLU cRU Racers Dominate 2021 Racing Championships

YXZ1000R racers take the podium and bring home the gold.

Yamaha’s Brock Heger took home the bonus cash for winning the Pro Stock SxS class.Yamaha

It was a good year for Yamaha’s racing division. The brand’s bLU cRU racers have solidified their dominance with championships in every series in which they competed. Brock Heger led the charge and took the crown for the Pro Stock SxS class. His victory came with a $15,000 prize thanks in part to his YXZ1000R sponsored by BH Motorsports, Yamaha, Weller Racing, and Maxxis. Second place went to another Yamaha driver, C.J. Greaves. Yamaha’s drivers pulled off the podium sweep with Owen VanEperen in third. The top seven positions were all filled by Yamaha YXZs. Dominance, indeed.

If that wasn’t enough, Rodney VanEperen scored first in the Pro Mod SxS Championship and received a $10,000 bonus for his efforts, doing so in a machine supported by Powersports 1 and Beyond Redline. His son Owen also placed in this division, ringing in third and standing on the podium with his father. Yamaha showed further supremacy in the Pro-Am SxS series, with the top 11 places all held by Yamaha bLU cRU racers as well. Dylan Marquardt took first, Tyson Marquardt landed second, and Dylan Parsons rounded out the podium.

Rod VanEperen was part of the team that helped Yamaha dominate each class.Yamaha

The SxS Sports’ King of the Elements series Pro Stock SxS class was also won by Owen VanEperen in his Yamaha YXZ1000R. Dylan Marquardt took second. The Sportsman SxS class was fully covered by Yamaha drivers, too, with Chase Kleist, Jake Kosmecki, and Tyson Marquardt finishing first, second, and third respectively in their YXZ1000Rs. To bask in the glory of the bLU cRU’s achievements, head over to yamahablucru.com.