2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR Ice Racing Gallery

A first-time trackday driver takes a side-by-side ice racing in the Rocky Mountains.

On a cold Colorado day, we took our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR ice racing on a secluded tree farm near Aspen. It was a great opportunity to learn car control, humility, and the capabilities of our new-used sport machine.

How does a Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo take to a snow track? Like it was made by Canadians.Beth Bowman
Look where you want to go, steer into the slide, and punch it. The Can-Am does the rest.Beth Bowman
Here, Flyin’ Miata product developer Brandon Fitch learns that the Can-Am is much like a very powerful, very floppy Miata.Beth Bowman
What’s crazier than a turbo Can-Am Maverick on a snow track? A 455 hp, LS-powered Miata, for a start.Beth Bowman
The track at Wind River Tree Farm packs a ton into a short distance. There’s even a small roller on the back straight, just about enough to get the Can-Am airborne.Beth Bowman
As the day wore on, my confidence grew quickly, as track conditions deteriorated.Beth Bowman
As the day warmed up, the Can-Am’s superaggressive tires started making a mess of the track surface.Beth Bowman
The perfect vehicle for attacking a snow track might be stock-engined NA Mazda Miata—flickable, fun, and low consequence.Beth Bowman
Even with just about half the horsepower of the Can-Am, the little Miata’s thirst for momentum made it busy work to keep up with.Beth Bowman
The traction and horsepower made for some excellent rooster tails.Beth Bowman
…And then track conditions and overconfidence bit me.Beth Bowman
That’s all, folks.Beth Bowman
Luckily, our $30,000 Can-Am got out of the ordeal with just a few bumps and scratches.Beth Bowman
Miatas are shockingly forgiving on snow, but slick surfaces are slick surfaces, and it’s all too easy to get stuck.Beth Bowman
Miata is always the answer, even on snow.Beth Bowman
Trying to organize a game of chase between an AWD turbocharged monster and a happy-go-lucky roadster.Beth Bowman
Roooooooooost!Beth Bowman
When it’s not throwing snow 100 feet, this 455 hp LS-swapped Miata is ripping up gravel hill climbs.Beth Bowman
The dog slept, nonplussed, all afternoon. At least until the pizza arrived.Beth Bowman
It has to be heard in person to be believed, just how glorious this thing sounds.Beth Bowman