2022 Polaris General Trailhead Edition First Ride Photo Gallery

We take the limited-edition General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition for a spin.

The 2022 Polaris General XP 1000 in the limited Trailhead Edition trim.Zach Bowman

We got our greasy mitts on the new Polaris big rig on the recreation block, the 2022 General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition. Within a day’s time we were itching to get it on the trail to see how it performed. The Trailhead package includes the largest naturally aspirated engine from Polaris, long-travel Walker Evans suspension bits, and a kitted-out chassis for serious adventure. Special adventure-class bed racks let you slap your gear in for a long trek into the wilds. Tech bolt-ons like the LED light bar, HD winch, and Ride Command keep you in check if things get crazy. The stars of the show, however, are the special paint and graphics that only come with the Trailhead Edition. Buyers get a unique, 3D embossed topographical vinyl and special matte coloring across the exterior of the General, with two-toned interior vinyl over the bolstered race-inspired bucket seats. The Trailhead is the pinnacle of General engineering for 2022.

MSRP is $26,669.

The General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition retains the useful bed and adds a dash of adventure rack. You’ll have no problem strapping down your gear for whatever trip you’ve got planned.Zach Bowman
The General clocks in at 64 inches wide, 118.2 inches long, and 77 inches tall. It’s enough rig to have a little legroom but will still get you through the trees and onto the trailer with ease.Zach Bowman
Adjustable Walker Evans shocks keep the long-travel control arms in check as you clamber over obstacles. Control arms are of the high-clearance variety to help lift that precious underbelly up over the boulder fields.Zach Bowman
The Trailhead Edition General comes with LED lighting throughout, accompanied by a bright 11-inch Pro Armor LED bar up front.Zach Bowman
Chunky 30-inch-tall Pro Armor Crawler tires let you paw at the dirt thanks to a fully involved drivetrain with high/low gears and On-Demand True AWD/2WD/VersaTrac turf modes.Zach Bowman
Looking good and performing better are the tip of the iceberg for the 2022 Polaris General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition. This limited-edition trim nets buyers a host of utility and comfort features that support going deep into the unknown, right out of the box.Zach Bowman