Alpine Falls Ranch Mega Gallery

A closer look at Superior, Montana’s Alpine Falls Ranch.

We spent a week in June in Superior, Montana, enjoying Alpine Falls Ranch and its incredible surroundings. Run by a group of veterans and managed by former Army intelligence officer Jason Pittman, the place is paradise on Earth. The accommodations are without parallel, the location is unique and mesmerizing, and the opportunities to drive your side-by-side, hike, hunt, fish, or ride are endless. It’s a truly special place to spend a few days.

Alpine Falls Ranch’s centerpiece accommodation is the gorgeous Mountain View Villa, a 9,600-square-foot house complete with a private gym, swimming pond, hot tub, movie theater, and outdoor bedroom.Justin W. Coffey
It wouldn’t be the West without a proper saloon, and Alpine Falls does not disappoint. The massive saloon is smack in the middle of the property, with a full kitchen and custom bar. The best part is, only ranch guests have access to it, so you get all the benefits of a saloon with none of the inconvenience of other patrons.Justin W. Coffey
Mountain View Villa has its own bar, a fully stocked Ernest Hemingway-themed nook where you could easily melt away an evening.Justin W. Coffey
Across from the saloon sits a full gym, which guests can request access to at their convenience.Justin W. Coffey
Once a massive horse ranch, there’s a big stable on the property in case you want to bring your horse as well as a UTV. Justin W. Coffey
The fully automated skeet and trap shooting range would be incredible by itself.Justin W. Coffey
Wildlife here is so abundant you could literally trip over it. Ranch manager Jason Pittman was checking irrigation pipes when he discovered this hours-old fawn sleeping in the grass.Justin W. Coffey
Pittman’s wife, Sarah, is a former competitive trap shooter who’s more than happy to show you the way around the gun range.Justin W. Coffey
Stable View Cabin is the oldest house on the property, and has enough room for three couples. It’s a very comfy size, and has an attached garage and workshop if you need to fix something in situ.Justin W. Coffey
Behind Mountain View Villa is a pine tree-dotted horse pasture with two-track driving trails and immense mountain views.Justin W. Coffey
Accommodations in the 10-person Bunkhouse Cabin are very nice, and nothing feels like it was made to keep a price point.Justin W. Coffey
Local trout fishing guide Butch Brevig explains the best route into Idaho from the bar at the saloon.Justin W. Coffey
The current owners bought Alpine Falls turnkey, including most of the previous owner’s collection of taxidermied local wildlife.Justin W. Coffey
A commissioned sculpture in the Hemingway Bar depicts the most famous scene from The Old Man and the Sea.Justin W. Coffey
The kitchen in the saloon has everything you need short of a turkey to cook a full Thanksgiving meal, should you be so inclined.Justin W. Coffey
The automatic clay thrower on the shooting range chucks a clay in a random direction at the push of a button.Justin W. Coffey
Alpine Falls’ collection of Can-Am Defender HD-10s is the perfect fleet for navigating the ranch and its surroundings.Justin W. Coffey

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