Durhamtown Off Road Resort Gallery

Fast tracks and red clay at Georgia’s premier off-road park.

Durhamtown Off Road Resort is a unique East Coast park. While plenty of OHV sites focus on challenging rock climbing, deep mud, or impressive vistas, Durhamtown brings the West Coast’s wide-open speed to Georgia. The massive 6,000-acre park boasts around 150 miles of trail, most of which are one-way and well-groomed, hard-packed red clay. With camping, a bathhouse, and rental side-by-sides, ATVs, and motorcycles, there’s no shortage of things to do.

And, because the park is a short drive from Atlanta, it’s easy to get to. Check out our gallery of images from a day at Durhamtown.

Durhamtown Off Road Resort sign.Kevan Ray
The main compound features a lodge, a massive pro shop with gear, parts, and more, and a small restaurant.Kevan Ray
Think your rig’s quicker than your buddy’s? Line up at the dirt dragstrip and find out.Kevan Ray
The GP Track is short, but fun, with lots of elevation, a ski jump, and a big banked turn.Kevan Ray
Did we mention the ski jump?Kevan Ray
Want to find out how your RZR Trail S Ultimate does in low orbit? Durhamtown can help.Kevan Ray
3… 2… 1…Kevan Ray
We have liftoff.Kevan Ray
And reentry.Kevan Ray
The park also offers a few fun hill climbs.Kevan Ray
Durhmatown’s rental fleet.Kevan Ray
The Turbo Track boasts speeds of up to 80 mph.Kevan Ray
The fast, flowing track also includes a few hair-raising jumps.Kevan Ray
The one-way woods courses let you build speed through the park’s pine forests.Kevan Ray
The flat track is a riot, letting you pit yourself against your buddies in real time.Kevan Ray
The campground isn’t anything to write home about, but it is clean with full RV hookups.Kevan Ray

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