2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate Review Gallery

A closer look at GMC’s priciest, prettiest 1500-series pickup.

Luxury 1500-series pickups are all the rage these days. The prices continue to get loftier, ever approaching the $100,000 mark, and buyers continue to flock to the segment for trucks capable of replacing their workhorse pickups and luxury cars in one fell swoop. GMC’s 2022 Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate is the latest and, according to GM, greatest entry into the market—or at least the gasoline-powered subset. We recently spent a week with the example seen here, so let’s dive in and take a closer look at the new-for-2022 Ultimate Sierra.

The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate.Ross Ballot
With a trailer attached, the sensor surrounding the hitch prevents the tailgate step section from being opened.Ross Ballot
This is what the sensor looks like when the hitch is in use. Less than aesthetically ideal.Ross Ballot
Kicker stereo in the tailgate means you can be the king of tailgates. Odd that it isn’t Bose, like the cabin stereo.Ross Ballot
Carbon-composite bed. Because lighter and stronger is always better, regardless of the cost.Ross Ballot
Red tow hooks for the off-road rigs, chrome tow hooks for the street rigs.Ross Ballot
Just a little bit of rear-end sag with a trailer hanging off its back.Ross Ballot
These buttons feel cheap, and they’re shared with those in vehicles half the price.Ross Ballot
The trailer-brake controller lives near the shifter, and doesn’t feel premium.Ross Ballot
The digital rearview mirror is continually a welcome addition.Ross Ballot
Denali’s topographic maps are all over the cabin. You can’t miss them.Ross Ballot
Ultimate badging for what GMC hopes buyers believe is the ultimate Sierra.Ross Ballot