Honda Talon 1000X at Windrock Gallery

We test 32-inch EFX MotoRavage tires and KMC wheels on a Talon 1000X Live Valve.

2021 Honda Talon 1000X Live Valve with 32-inch EFX MotoRavage tires at Windrock OHV.Kevan Ray

The 2021 Honda Talon 1000X is a weapon right out of the box, but it’s hamstrung by its short sidewall from the factory. We set out to fix that problem with a set of KMC wheels wrapped in 32-inch EFX MotoRavage tires. The combination provides a substantial lift, helps smooth out the Talon’s binary throttle, and lets the rig roll over almost any obstacle without a problem. During a rainy day of testing, the tires proved to be a cheat code for the Talon. If you’re looking for your first modification for your Honda, there’s no better place to start than with this combination.

The 32-inch EFX MotoRavage tires give the Talon a more menacing stance and protect from pinch flats.Kevan Ray
Rain ran off the crowds, and made for a challenging, but fun, ride.Kevan Ray
The extra ground clearance is helpful, especially in deep, slick ruts.Kevan Ray
Both the Talon 1000X Live Valve and the standard 1000X were right at home in the rain.Kevan Ray
Compared to the standard 1000X, the Live Valve with the large EFX MotoRavage tires made for a smoother ride.Kevan Ray
Heavy rain turned every stream into an adventure.Kevan Ray
The Talon 1000X Live Valve making short work of a hill climb.Kevan Ray
Splashing through the mud with the Talon 1000X Live Valve.Kevan Ray
The rain made challenges of what are normally easy obstacles, but it wasn’t a problem for either Talon.Kevan Ray
As usual, the camera makes light of a difficult climb. This steep, wet, rocky climb was too much for the standard Talon 1000X, but the Live Valve on its beefy EFX tires had no problem with it.Kevan Ray
The rain and warm weather made for a misty morning.Kevan Ray
Here, you can see just how much lift the 32-inch EFX tires add to the Talon.Kevan Ray
Here’s a closer look at the EFX MotoRavage tread pattern.Kevan Ray
A little mud never hurt anyone.Kevan Ray