2022 John Deere Gator XUV835R Signature Edition Gallery

Up close details of John Deere’s halo UTV.

The 2022 John Deere Gator XUV835R is trying its hardest to straddle the line that divides luxury machines from worker bees. With a vinyl-lined, fully enclosed cab, an actual headliner, a bumping stereo, heat and AC, and an electric dump bed, it’s doing a pretty good job so far. We put one to the test around our 20-acre woodlot in Virginia to see how it stacks up when the long summer days turn muggy and hot.

With a fully sealed cab, HVAC, and a Bluetooth-enabled stereo, the Gator XUV835R Signature Edition is as nice as some base trucks.Sarah Lindemann
The bench seat is very much still a utility vehicle’s throne, but it is made nicer by decent upholstery.Sarah Lindemann
If you get tired of the AC, the Gator’s windscreen swings out to let in as much fresh air as you can stand.Sarah Lindemann
The sliding rear glass is a nice touch, but a headache rack would go a long, long way.Sarah Lindemann
The electric dump bed was easily our favorite feature.Sarah Lindemann
With nothing to protect the rear glass from an errant log, a full load of fresh-cut red oak felt a little sketchy, but the Gator was easily up to the load.Sarah Lindemann
We found the Gator felt a little tippy over uneven ground.Sarah Lindemann
The Deere handles a heavy load comfortably, but we did notice a fair squat when packed down.Sarah Lindemann
The overstyled wheels are purely aesthetic, and the faux beadlock bolt heads aren’t going to fool anybody.Sarah Lindemann
In case you were wondering just whose signature is being celebrated…Sarah Lindemann
Generous front nerf bars and quality paint add to the machine’s premium feel.Sarah Lindemann
The roof lights faired into the body color cab are great for working at night.Sarah Lindemann
The XUV835R’s truckish looks match its truckish price.Sarah Lindemann
The headlights are single-beam halogens next to a reflector. At this price, LEDs would be nice.Sarah Lindemann
Absolutely no denying that this is a nice place to spend time.Sarah Lindemann

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