Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic at Road America Gallery

Our favorite photos from demoing the Ranger XP Kinetic.

We recently got a chance to test the all-electric 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic in Wisconsin at Road America. We had a great time with the people at Polaris, and the trails showed us just how capable the Kinetic really is. Spoiler: This is no longer a stodgy, utilitarian workhorse. The Kinetic is quick, responsive, and fun, while being ready to put in long days on the job. Here are some of our favorite photos of Polaris’ “best Ranger ever.”

The speed of the Ranger XP Kinetic sneaks up on you, and the instant torque of the electric motor lets you feel the full 110 hp when you open the throttle.Polaris
The Kinetic’s dual-A-arm suspension with 10 inches of travel makes going over any terrain comfortable.Polaris
Polaris Ride Command helped us stay connected on the trail. We also got to see a demo of Ride Command+, which showed us GPS tracking of the vehicle from a mobile phone.Polaris
Even if your land is overgrown, the Kinetic will get the job done.Polaris
The Kinetic’s waterproof engine covering will keep the electric motor safe while traversing through mud.Polaris
The camo trim is a perfect option for hunters.Polaris
The best thing about the Ranger Kinetic is that it is still the old Ranger we know and love. Most optional additions that can be purchased for the XP 1000 will fit right in on the Kinetic as well.Polaris

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