Magruder Run Gallery

We follow the footsteps of a doomed prospector in our tricked-out Can-Am.

Camping in a valley on night two, where the temperatures dropped lower than our 40-degree sleeping bags were meant for. Luckily we packed blankets as well!Megan Brown

The wide-open spaces between Montana and Idaho are some of our nation’s prettiest and most awe-inspiring places. They have captured imaginations for centuries, and have led good men to their deaths, as was the case for Lloyd Magruder. A prospector, Magruder was on his way home to Idaho when he and his party were ambushed and brutally murdered. The highwaymen made off with almost 94 pounds of gold and $2,000 in Union greenbacks.

Laid out in the 1980s, the Magruder Run follows Lloyd Magruder’s doomed last journey through the heart of the American West.

The welcome sign to the start of the first trail. The story of Lloyd Magruder’s murder is a wild one, and you can download more information right there.Megan Brown
Parked at the fire lookout, taking in the view.Megan Brown
A pit stop on the trail to regroup before continuing down the road.Megan Brown
The “Can-Am Impreza.” Our tent, sleeping bags, and changes of clothes easily fit in there and were easy to load because we didn’t have to tie anything down, just shut the lid and off we went.Megan Brown
The head honcho, Ian (@utvoverlander), taking roll call before we head out on day one.Brandon Brown
Fish-eye panoramic view of the lookout and view.Megan Brown
Photo op after getting out of the woods and up on the ridge. Also, a great time to put on a hat and gloves. It was cold and windy!Brandon Brown

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