Watch Brick Technology Explain Basic Off-Road Techniques With Legos

Even kids’ toys can teach us a thing or two about wheeling.

The final design after various tests and modifications.Brick Technology

Weight distribution, locking differentials, suspension, and even tire tread patterns all come into play when off-roading, but wouldn’t you like to be shown why each one is important? The YouTube channel Brick Technology, whose main content revolves around teaching science and engineering with Legos, recently posted a video explaining a variety of off-roading techniques and principles with the popular children’s toy.

The vehicle that Brick Technology started with, before all of the modifications.Brick Technology

Brick Technology started with a simple, rear-wheel-drive vehicle, then put it through a number of tests to determine how capable it was. When it couldn’t complete a test, an upgrade would be added or modified to achieve better results. For example, the first test was a simple drive across a sandbox, but the vehicle would immediately get stuck. A differential lock was added to the vehicle, and it managed to make it across the box.

That was just the first and most simple test. More experimentation with added weight, bigger tires, 4WD, more power, and more axles was done as the obstacles became more challenging. What Brick Technology ended up with after all was said and done was something that resembled a three-axle, AWD truck. Every test featured something that you would come across on any off-roading venture, and it’s interesting to see how those parts on our vehicles help us while on the trail. With Legos, of course, but that just made it more fun.

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