Greenworks Launches Battery-Powered UTV

Electric mower company joins the side-by-side game.

Greenworks U800SC in Camo.Greenworks

Greenworks, the company behind the battery-powered lawn equipment we see at home improvement stores, has introduced a new electric side-by-side. The Greenworks U800SC is a light-duty, 82-volt utility machine aimed at compact, small-displacement side-by-sides. Charging takes about 11 hours from zero state of charge. Once topped up, the little electric rig offers a top speed of 29 mph and a range of around 55 miles. Not bad.

Greenworks says the side-by-side offers a 550-pound bed capacity, a 1,000-pound total payload capacity, and 1,500-pound tow rating. Those figures line up well with the likes of the Polaris Ranger SP 570 with its 44-hp single.

All of the U800SC’s electronics have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, including the 16kWh battery and an 82-volt, 15kW AC induction motor. That’s equivalent to around 20 hp, but keep in mind the EV’s torque should come on instantly. Because the vehicle is direct drive, there is no CVT belt to contend with, but the Greenworks offers three drive modes: L, M, and H.

We’re surprised by the vehicle’s relatively low curb weight, at 1,676 pounds, though the battery pack adds an extra 187 pounds to the final figure. Greenworks says the U800SC is available in black or camouflage, and starts at $28,999.99. That’s a steep price tag given that the Ranger SP 570 starts at less than half that, and the more capable, 110-hp electric Ranger Kinetic comes in at $29,999. Head over to the Greenworks site for more information.

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