Happy Fourth of July!

Stay safe out there, friends.

It’s America’s birthday. Go ride.Kevan Ray

Happy Fourth of July, UTV Drivers. It’s time to kick back, take a day off, and celebrate our nation’s birthday by enjoying some good riding and a cookout. But, just as Mom used to tell you not to shoot your eye out with a Roman candle, we’re going to urge everyone to be safe this weekend. Side-by-sides are a lot of fun, but enjoying them responsibly is the key to making sure you have plenty of riding days ahead. That means riding sober. Keep the cold beverages nonalcoholic until the end of the trail, and don’t be shy about taking the keys from someone who’s had too many. We’ll take an argument over a ride in an ambulance any day.

It also means wearing your gear. Our news feed is full of people who wound up injured or worse because they couldn’t be bothered to grab a helmet. No, it’s not comfortable this time of year, but we’d rather bounce a lid off of a roll cage than our skull.

Finally, make sure everyone in your rig is wearing their harness, even for short rides. Remember, there is no hell like an emergency room on Fourth of July weekend.

Alright, enough Mom talk. Get out there and ride!

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