The 2023 Four-Seat Kawasaki KRX Is Here

Take a closer look at the $29k four-seat sport rig.

Kawasaki was kind enough to send a four-seat KRX to our Knoxville headquarters, so we took a few minutes to walk around the machine. We’ve spent some time behind the wheel of the newest addition to the KRX lineup, first at Sand Hollow, Utah, and later in Nashville, where Associate Editor Jackson Cooper was lucky enough to wheel the thing around a Monster Jam track. Something tells me we won’t be going quite as wild.

Still, if the four-seat KRX is anything like its shorter two-seat brother, the machine should be up to whatever we throw at it. With 32-inch tires, Fox Live Valve adaptive suspension, and room for four adults, the big-boy has the same proper chops that have earned the two-seat KRX multiple awards from us. Check out the video above for a closer look at our initial thoughts, and stay tuned for a full review.

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