All-Electric Amp UTVs Announced by Landmaster

A US-made side-by-side with lithium-ion power.

Lithium-ion power brings the new Amp electric UTVs to life.Landmaster

US company Landmaster has unveiled a new line of all-electric side-by-sides. The aptly named Amp models are built on Landmaster’s existing work-focused gas-powered UTVs. Landmaster has nine different Amp models coming, which cover a broad spectrum of potential customers but are mainly aimed at those using UTVs for hunting, groundskeeping, and property maintenance.

Poised to be the electric counterpart to the gas rigs, the 2024 Amp UTVs offer strong capability in quieter, “greener” form, according to the company. The Amp’s bed is rated for 600 pounds in standard trim or up to 1,000 pounds of payload on the Pro model. Towing is good for 1,500 pounds, which matches that of the Polaris Ranger EV. Landmaster will offer the Amp in both 2WD and 4WD variants, with a locking rear differential standard across all models. On the power front, the Amps get a 160 AH, 48V lithium-ion battery pack mated to an AC motor, which Landmaster says allows for up to 100 miles of range. Charging from depleted to full is quoted at six to eight hours, and the vehicle has a top speed of 30 mph.

Pricing for Landmaster’s 2024 Amp UTV starts at $13,999 for the two-wheel-drive, two-seat model and runs up to $19,999 for the four-wheel-drive Amp Pro. The Amp UTV is available for preorder through Landmaster’s website.

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