Mips Is Using Virtual Testing To Produce Products Faster

Virtual impacts simulate how well Mips systems perform in crashes.

The Mips-equipped Bell MX-9.Mips/Bell Helmets

Mips, the company that introduced revolutionary helmet safety technology, has started using virtual crashes to test its helmets. Virtual tests will simulate real crashes and can determine how well the Mips-equipped helmet performs in a crash. With virtual testing, Mips can speed up the testing process of the helmets and get products to public sale more quickly.

Not only does faster testing help helmets hit the market faster, but it can also reduce prices and environmental impact. Less resources needed in testing means less waste, including helmets that didn’t make it through testing and supplies and equipment needed to test the helmets. Since signing up for the UN Global Compact in 2022, Mips has been committed to help reduce global warming.

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