OnX Introduced New Features for Its Trail Navigation App

Users get more trail ratings and an easier-to-use interface.

OnX’s popular app just got a lot easier to use.Tada Images via Shutterstock

OnX Offroad is one of the most prolific companies in the off-road navigation space, offering a range of trail maps, 3D views, and waypoint information in its mobile app. Its most recent update introduced new features for the app, including a Guided Trails Rating System, and the company said the latest version brings usability upgrades that make the tech easier to use.

The Guided Trails Rating System separates trails into four categories based on their difficulty: Green Trails are easy, Blue Trails are moderately difficult, Black Trails are difficult, and Red Trails are extreme. Users can see the trails marked on the map to determine the best path forward based on their vehicle’s capability and driving skill.

OnX also added terrain classifications to further break down a trail’s difficulty level, including obstacles like slick rock, sand dunes, mud, and alpine conditions. Drivers can filter by terrain, and the app helps determine the proper tire pressures and other settings to tackle a particular obstacle.

Paid users already had access to waypoint data and points of interest in the app, but onX’s changes make it easier to identify the landmarks. The company said its updates make off-roading safer and noted that the new interface is far more straightforward to use. Changes to the app should also help it compete against new automaker-integrated tech, such as Jeep’s Trails Offroad system in the new 2024 Wrangler.

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