Watch Project Farm Test 12,000-Pound Winches

Which heavy-duty winch performs the best?

Which 12K-pound winch is the best?Project Farm

When buying accessories for your side-by-side, two main factors come into play: cost and performance. In the case of buying a winch, buying one that underperforms could be downright dangerous. To keep straight which ones make the cut, Project Farm has conducted a few tests on various 12,000-pound winches. Smittybilt, Warn, Badland (Harbor Freight), Superwinch, Mile Marker Maverick, Zeak, and Rugcel all got put through the wringer.

Project Farm’s solution to apply the maximum weight capacity.Project Farm

Shockingly, two of the winches snapped their line before even reaching the load limit. The Rugcel winch snapped its synthetic line at just over 9,000 pounds, and the Zeak reached 10,300 pounds before snapping. While none of the other winches made it to their load limit, none of their lines broke.

Overall, the Zeak winch ended up finishing on top and the Badland winch ended up finishing last. Check out the video above and see the results for yourself.

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