Radio Flyer Partners With Tesla for New Cyberquad

The ATV is an updated version of the Cyberquad released in 2021.

The model 915 Cyberquad.Tesla/Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer, the manufacturer of the famous little red wagon, has partnered with Tesla to release an updated version of the Cyberquad. The model 915 Cyberquad has been updated to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements and ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standards. Some updates include an age grade of 9–12, a warning label that states the ‘Quad is not for off-road use and is not a youth ATV, and a steel tube in place of a rear spring to secure the rear frame to the main frame.

The 500-watt motor and a lithium-ion battery lets the Cyberquad go 10 mph. Like the full-size Cyberquad, the vehicle has styling similar to the Tesla Cybertruck. The shiny stainless paneling and sharp edges give the Cyberquad the same profile as the EV truck.

It’s important to note that the model 915 Cyberquad is not a youth ATV and should only be used as a toy, similar to Power Wheels vehicles. It is not intended for off-road use. The Cyberquad will have a price tag of $1,900 and will be sold exclusively on the Tesla Shop.

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