Watch a Ram Get Pulled Out of the Grass by a Can-Am Defender

Turns out, rubber band tires only do well on pavement.

Maybe not the best off-road wheel/tire setup.Swartzy7 via TikTok

We all know about the overcompensating truck drivers who lift their rig, throw on low-profile tires, and tailgate you while going 15 over the speed limit. Turns out, mall crawlers aren’t that great off-pavement. And not just on dirt and mud, as this Ram was stuck on grass. And the best part? As noted by The Drive, the truck has the factory off-road package. Embarrassing.

Obviously, this isn’t the fault of the manufacturer. The 24-inch rims and rubber band tires are about the worst thing that you can put on a truck if you’re going to take it off-road, and this video shows exactly why. Make sure that your vehicle is well equipped for the job and you’ll never have an embarrassing moment like this.

Luckily, a hero in a Can-Am Defender came to the truck’s rescue. The side-by-side stayed on the pavement for extra grip and rescued it like it was nothing. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

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