Robby Gordon Announces LS7-Powered Speed UTV El Diablo

A 700 hp V-8 somehow fits in the chassis of the UTV.

The LS7-powered El Diablo.Speed UTV

In the escalating UTV horsepower wars, newcomer Speed UTV has fired a powerful salvo. Instead of trying to get the most horsepower possible from his twin-cylinder 1,000cc engines, Robby Gordon’s outfit went with the obvious answer when someone wants more power: they LS-swapped it. This just weeks after Gordon and company finally managed to get their first few units into the hands of customers.

The UTV will allegedly have up to 700 hp.Speed UTV

Polaris and Can-Am want to play a horsepower game with me; I don’t think they realize that we designed the UTV to fit an LS7 in the back,” Gordon says. If there wasn’t a horsepower competition already between the manufacturers, Robby Gordon is going to start one. The UTVs will allegedly have upwards of 700 hp, a six-speed sequential transmission, and 37-inch tires from the factory.

Gordon hopes to race the El Diablo in the Martelli Triple Crown, SCORE international series, and anywhere else a Pro Unlimited class is available. For the rest of us wanting to get behind the wheel of one, a limited run of 250 will be produced and available to order on the Speed UTV website. The price was not discussed in the video, but we can only assume it will be much higher than anything else Speed UTV currently has available.

“You guys think I’m joking, but I’m as serious as a heart attack,” Gordon says to close the video.

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