Buy Shock Therapy’s Wicked Can-Ams

The suspension company’s three competition rigs are up for sale.

A 106 mph desert weapon.Shock Therapy

If you have an extra $250,000 sitting around and an itch to start your own race team, Shock Therapy has just the thing. The suspension company is selling three Can-Am Maverick X3 race machines plus an insane bundle of spares. According to the listing over at Race-Dezert, Shock Therapy will sell each machine individually or all three as a package deal. The headliner here is the $100,000 Pro Turbo Car, built to the gills with everything you need to go bashing through the desert. The engine, Weddle transmission, and differentials have all been race prepped, all of which sit in a hand-built Geiser 4130 chassis. There’s an electronically adjustable Fox iQs suspension, and a stack of other custom bits, and Shock Therapy says the machine has earned three podiums at various races.

The Shock Therapy Super Stock Can-Am Maverick X3.Shock Therapy

If that’s a little rich for your blood, the company’s $50,000 Super Stock–class Maverick X3 is also for sale. That rig comes with a freshly prepared driveline, a Smart-Lok front differential, and a Fox iQs suspension, along with other goodies like ZRP double-shear spindles and a 23-gallon fuel cell. Shock Therapy says this rig has earned four podiums.

Want to play in the Pro Turbo or Sportsman classes? Shock Therapy has you covered there too.Shock Therapy

Finally, there’s the company’s prerunner. For $50,000 this machine has some of the same parts as its brawnier brothers, but was primarily built as a prerunner for Mexico. That didn’t stop Shock Therapy from entering the rig in the Parker 400, where it won first place. You can check out the full spec list for that machine over at the Race-Dezert listing.

Shock Therapy also has 10 pallets of spare parts up for sale for all three rigs, including a full donor engine and a frame. It sounds like there are enough parts there to build a nearly complete extra rig if you had the time on your hands. The spares are another $50,000, but something tells us Shock Therapy would cut you a deal if you took everything in the listing. The rigs and parts are all located in Phoenix.

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