Should You Buy a Ranger XP Kinetic?

Polaris shows us why we should go electric over the gas model.

Should you buy an electric Ranger?Polaris

The big question surrounding the 2024 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic is whether an electric side-by-side can really outperform its gas counterpart. The answer, of course, is that no side-by-side is perfect for everyone. The Ranger Kinetic’s audience is far different than most, so how do you know if Polaris’ electric worker is right for you? In Polaris’ newest installment of Shop Talk, Pat McArdle goes over why a buyer would choose the Ranger Kinetic over the gasoline version.

The short answer is if you want the extra luxuries of an electric vehicle, like silent operation, little to no maintenance, and on-the-fly power, then the Kinetic is right for you. But there are plenty of downsides like limited range and weight. If you’re in the market for a Polaris Ranger and can’t decide between a Kinetic and XP 1000, check out Polaris’ video below.

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