The Supercharged Kawasaki Ridge Looks Like a Sport Rig

The latest Ridge teaser shows off sharp body lines and a full skid plate.

The Kawasaki Ridge’s underbody and front end, which features a full skid plate and Warn winch.Kawasaki

Kawasaki has been keeping its all-new side-by-side, the Ridge, under tight wraps since the first teaser was released last month. While we’re still not completely sure what exactly this new rig is, all signs so far have pointed to a supercharged, open-class competitor to the Can-Am Maverick R and Polaris RZR Pro R. In the latest teaser for the Ridge, that theory gains even more evidence with the video showing sharp body lines reminiscent of the KRX, a full skid plate, sporty Maxxis tires, and a Warn winch.

It’s pretty hard to make out, but those body lines look similar to the KRX.Kawasaki

All of this is still speculation though, and the teasers aren’t helping much. All we’ve gotten so far have been quick shots of the interior and a few body lines. This teaser is no different, only adding shots that show off the suspension and Warn winch. Plus, the video shows off plenty of ground clearance. I don’t know about you, but if it was a utility rig, we’re not sure why it would need miles of clearance. So far, Kawasaki has released a teaser every Wednesday, so tune back in next week to see if Kawasaki has given us any more information.

Until then, check out our video on everything we know so far about the Kawasaki Ridge!

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