Listen to This Hellcat-Powered, 800-hp Side-by-Side

The boys at SXSBlog built themselves a monster, and now it lives.

This makes a noise. You want to listen. Promise.SXSBlog

“Things have gone far,” the man says. “Things have gone far… Will it run?”

They call it the Hell Force. It is a six-seat CFMoto UForce utility side-by-side, and it now has an 800 hp Dodge Demon V-8 and a shorty Powerglide transmission. Peek beneath the cargo box, you’ll see the rear suspension and differential from an S550-chassis Ford Mustang. This is not a finished project, but it is far enough along that the engine can be started, and so that’s what the gents at SXSBlog did.

They built it to eat tires and make smoke. There is a V-8 the size of a small cow behind the front seats. Each cylinder bank spits through a header and maybe a foot or two of exhaust. There’s a 3D-printed shift gate for the stock shifter, P-R-2-1. There’s a fire extinguisher, because of course there’s a fire extinguisher, because this is America and if you’re doing something fun and the best kind of stupid, there’s probably a good chance of flames. The spindly little frame is terrifying in the best way. The whole thing looks flat-out absurd. It makes spectacular and deafening noise. Hit play, turn it up, and dive in.

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