Watch SXSBlog Test a Speed UTV Baja Bandit LE

SXSBlog finally gets its hands on a Speed UTV.

The Speed UTV Baja Bandit LE.SXSBlog

Speed UTV has had its fair share of controversy over the last few years. Empty promises from Robby Gordon, manufacturing and shipment delays, and customers who sent a hefty nonrefundable down payment to Gordon all gave the brand a pretty bad reputation. But none of that means we aren’t excited about the trophy truck–esque nature of the side-by-sides that ol’ Robby has been cooking up in his lab.

Last week, SXSBlog got its hands on a Speed UTV Baja Bandit LE via one of the few customers who received their pre-ordered unit. It’s not owned by SXSBlog, meaning this is likely the only video you’ll see from the site featuring a Speed UTV for a while. That being said, the crew wasted no time getting out a full overview video on the 110 Garage channel and a first ride impressions video on their main channel.

The Baja Bandit is definitely an interesting vehicle, and there are plenty of features that you won’t find from any other manufacturer. Is the machine better for it? Well, we’re gonna let you make that decision for yourself. Check out the video below for an overview and dyno test of the Speed UTV Baja Bandit LE.

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