SXSBlog Ran Into Trouble and Tipped a CFMoto ZForce

Even experienced drivers can struggle.

Wrong-side up is a bad way to finish a day in the woods.SXSBlog

Even the most experienced trail riders run into trouble every once in a while. The guys from SXSBlog recently showed how quickly things can go sideways, testing the CFMoto ZForce 950 and a couple of other rigs on a challenging off-road course.

Their trouble started early, as they beached the UTV attempting to climb over a tire obstacle, but speed and power prevailed. The second lap went much more smoothly with a little less caution over the tires, though they caught some awkward air on the second pass. Everybody else figured it out soon after, lifting the wheels on almost every subsequent obstacle.

The UTVs had no trouble through slow-speed water portions of the course, but they all struggled over the rough rocks that followed. A steel hill climb complicated by a couple of downed trees presented a few headaches, but the real action started when the crew tried tackling the final boulder portion of the course.

The ZForce came in a little too hot on the last few rocks and tipped onto its side, almost finishing the track with the tow vehicles in sight. Of course, the CFMoto held up well, protecting the driver and coming out looking not much worse for wear. Check out SXSBlog’s full video for the rest of the action.

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