Watch TimWelds Build a V-8-Powered Drill

The tiny toy motor makes a great power source for the drill.

The mini-V-8 engine made for a great power source for the drill.TimWelds

If you didn’t know, you can buy a fully functioning miniature V-8 to build yourself. It’s nearly identical to an actual V-8 engine, just smaller. While the engine can run, it’s mainly used as decoration and requires some modification to be efficient. Some channels, like Donut Media, have had issues making it run at all after building it. Then steps in TimWelds, who went above and beyond any practical use for the engine.

After some setbacks in which the engine wasn’t getting proper fuel, TimWelds got the engine to run and started on fabricating a mount. When the mount was drawn up in CAD, laser cut, and then welded together, it was ready to be attached to the engine. The magnificent drill was finally complete, and it worked like a charm. The throttle could use some work, as it is operated from the side of the engine, but it’s hard to complain about such a cool work of engineering.

We highly recommend watching the full video, and to check out TimWelds’ other videos.

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