Watch Can-Am Visit Biisonimafia in Finland

Finnish comedians riding in the Scandinavian hills? We’re in.

Jukka Hildén and the Biisonimafia.YouTube

When we think of riding, plenty of locations spring to mind. Finland isn’t typically on that list, but Can-Am recently headed to Scandinavia to hang out with Jukka Hildén from the Dudesons and the crew from Biisonimafia. If you haven’t heard of either group, you’re not alone, but the two have been cranking out hilarious content for years. When it comes to Biisonimafia, those guys have racked up a massive following with their regular skits. Hildén takes the Biisonimafia guys out for some riding, first on six-by-six ATVs, and later with a Commander.

Finland is full of sprawling, beautiful wilderness, and while the country sees brutal winters, summers are mild and beautiful. When the summer solstice comes around, Finns enjoy a few days with 24 hours of sunlight. It’s the perfect outdoor playground, with hiking, fishing, and camping. We can think of worse places to see from behind the wheel of a side-by-side. Check out Can-Am’s video below, and if you’re looking for a few laughs, head over to the Biisonimafia page. If the comedy doesn’t get you, the accents will.

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