Watch HeavyDSparks Rescue a Can-Am Buried in the Snow

A tracked UTV stuck in the snow is no match for his built Bronco.

The stuck Can-Am, buried in a few feet of snow.HeavyDSparks

HeavyDSparks recently went on a rescue mission to recover a tracked Can-Am Maverick X3. When I say “stuck,” what I really mean is “borderline buried.” The fact that the driver dug himself that deep even with tracks is impressive by itself, but there’s mostly no judgment when it comes to a rescue. Besides, the recovery allowed Sparks to show off his new Ford Bronco, which is fitted with everything you could want in an off-road vehicle.

The team tried to simply winch him out from the front, but a broken rear axle made the recovery complicated. Winching just buried the rear side even further into the snow. To add salt to the wound, they didn’t have a good winch point in the front, so pulling too hard could break suspension or frame components. They had to get creative if they wanted to get this X3 out.

The team eventually had to bust out the shovels and start digging the back tracks out. Even after that, they went through a few different winch angles before finally pulling it from the side and sliding traction boards underneath.

If you’re a fan of the Bronco used in the video, then we have good news. HeavyDSparks is running a giveaway for the off-roading monster that was built by Bucked Up supplements as part of their partnership. Check out Bucked Up’s website to see how you can enter, or just follow the link in the video’s description.

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