Watch Speed UTV Do Quality Control Tests on an El Jefe

A few donuts around a loading dock gives us a sneak peek at the new UTV.

Robby Gordon “quality control” testing an El Jefe.Speed UTV

We’re getting closer everyday to Speed UTVs getting to consumers, and Robby Gordon has just shown us another sneak peak at the El Jefe. Speed UTV showed off its “quality control” test, which mainly consists of a helmetless Gordon doing donuts in a loading dock. Maybe not the most scientific testing, but it’s better than nothing.

The El Jefe driving past a sign with Chinese characters printed on it.Speed UTV

In the video, a sign with Chinese characters appears in the background. Due to the sign, it appears that Gordon is doing these tests somewhere close to Chongqing, China, where Hisun manufactures the Speed UTV engines. While the fact that Hisun manufactures Speed UTV engines isn’t new information, rumor was the vehicles would be assembled in the United States, specifically at a factory in North Carolina. Why is Gordon testing Speed UTVs in China? We’re not sure.

We’ll just add this to the long list of mysteries coming from Speed UTV. Gordon has announced that the first wave of Speed UTVs will be shipping soon, so we’ll report back when consumers receive their orders.

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