YouTubers Roll an Unmanned Honda Quad Off a Steep Hill

Spoiler: It wasn’t pretty.

It came out of the ordeal pretty well, all things considered.How Ridiculous Via YouTube

Humans may never tire of rolling and throwing things off steep hills. There’s even a whole town in Alaska that gathers to roll cars off a cliff, but a group of YouTubers in New Zealand recently posted a video of them rolling a strange list of items down a big hill, including an old Honda quad with the throttle taped open.

Predictably, things didn’t end well for the quad. With the throttle wide open, they hit the clutch with a board before watching it run haphazardly down the hill. About halfway down, things went sideways—literally. The quad went end over end, tumbling over rocks and the debris field from all the other junk they threw down.

The fall looked dramatic, but it would likely be much less eventful with an experienced rider on board—at least until the gnarly rock embankment near the bottom. In a testament to the Honda’s quality, it didn’t look that bad at the bottom, though it would probably need a little tinkering before being trailworthy again.

It should go without saying that throwing motorized vehicles off anything is a bad idea unless you have a large plot of unoccupied land and the time to clean everything up. Although they don’t show it in the video, the car, boat, lawn mower, and everything else will be picked up and all their debris removed.

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