2023 Honda Talon 1000 S Gallery

Every photo of the “new” Talon 1000 S line.

Honda has announced a new addition to the company’s Talon line. The 2023 Talon 1000 S models are effectively carryovers from the 2022 model year, all built to last year’s specifications. Why do this? To hold dealers and buyers over until the updated 2023 units bow later this year. Think of it as the Jeep Cherokee Classic of side-by-sides. Honda sent over a pile of photos of the “new” rigs, and we’ve got them all here to enjoy.

2023 Honda Talon 1000XS-4 in Matte Black Abyss.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000XS-4 is identical to last year’s 1000X-4.Honda
That means you’ll find the same Fox Podium shocks as before.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000XS-4 ships with 28-inch tires.Honda
At 152.5 inches long, the Talon 1000XS-4 is relatively compact for a four-seater.Honda
Like all the Talons in the S line, the 1000XS-4 uses the same 999cc parallel-twin engine.Honda
That twin is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.Honda
Honda claims a curb weight of 1,750 pounds, which is light for a four-seat rig.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000XS-4 is also available in Pearl Red.Honda
Of all the S line’s liveries, we like this one the best. We’re suckers for black and red.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000XS-4 uses a permanently locked rear differential and the company’s i-4WD system to distribute power to the wheel with the most amount of grip.Honda
Bed capacity stays the same at a respectable 299 pounds.Honda
Honda says the Talon 1000XS-4 offers a 7.7-gallon fuel capacity with a 0.9-gallon reserve.Honda
As with all Honda UTVs, window nets are standard.Honda
Expect 12.8 inches of ground clearance.Honda
The 116.4-inch wheelbase is great—not too long for tight trails.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000XS in Pearl Orange.Honda
The Talon 1000XS comes in at $20,099.Honda
The shorter 123.7-inch total length is made for woods riding.Honda
You get the same engine and transmission as the long-wheelbase Talon.Honda
The naturally aspirated Talon uses regular gasoline, which is a huge help in areas that may not have premium available.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000XS uses an 87.6-inch wheelbase.Honda
The two-seat Talon is considerably lighter than its long-wheelbase sibling: 1,499 pounds with a full tank.Honda
The 1000XS offers 14.6 inches of suspension travel up front.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000XS in Matte Blue Metallic.Honda
The three-link trailing arm rear suspension delivers 15.1 inches of travel.Honda
Like the four-seat Talon, the 1000XS wears 28-inch tires.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000XS offers the same 299-pound bed capacity as the four-seater.Honda
All Talons come with a one-year warranty.Honda
Honda doesn’t like to hand out power figures, but the Talon’s parallel-twin engine produces around 105 hp.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000XS is relatively narrow at 64 inches.Honda
That narrow width makes it perfect for East Coast riding.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000RS.Honda
As before, the 1000R line is made for desert bashing with a wider 68.4-inch track.Honda
The 2023 1000RS starts at $21,099.Honda
That extra 4 inches of width is most apparent from head on or behind.Honda
Don’t expect any extra power in R trim however. All Talons use the same 999cc engine.Honda
While R trim is wider, it shares the same 123.7-inch length as its X sibling.Honda
R trim also rides on the same 28-inch tires.Honda
You do get more travel in R trim, with 17.7 inches up front and 20.1 inches in the rear.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000RS is also available in Matte Abyss Black.Honda
All Talon models wear 250mm disc brakes on all four corners.Honda
Stealth mode looks good on the 2023 Talon.Honda
Like the 1000XS, the 1000RS uses Honda’s i-4WD. The system uses the front brakes to limit wheelspin.Honda
Honda says the Talon 1000 S line is meant to hold dealers and buyers over until the rest of the company’s 2023 units arrive later this year.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000RS interior is fairly spartan, but the driver does get paddle shifters for the dual-clutch transmission.Honda
The Talon offers an adjustable driver’s seat, but the passenger seat is fixed.Honda
Electric power steering is standard on all Talon models.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000RS Fox Live Valve.Honda
If you’re looking to stand out, the Tonic Yellow paint is a good way to go.Honda
The Fox Live Valve suspension is adaptive, adjusting shock settings on the fly.Honda
The 2023 Talon 1000RS Fox Live Valve comes with launch mode, which is one heck of a party trick.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000RS Fox Live Valve carries an MSRP of $23,299.Honda
The Fox Live Valve suspension is a must-have for owners who plan to spend time in the deep end of the speedometer.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000RS Fox Live Valve Edition front.Honda
The gray suspension components are handsome.Honda
2023 Honda Talon 1000RS Fox Live Valve in Pearl Red.Honda
It takes a keen eye to spot the difference between a standard 1000RS and the 1000RS Fox Live Valve. The only visual cue is the Live Valve decal.Honda
If it were our money, this would be the spec: 1000RS Fox Live Valve in Pearl Red.Honda
We’ve found the vehicle’s bed to be more than enough for a cooler and some tools.Honda
We expect to see the updated, 2023-spec Talon later this year.Honda
We do wish Honda had graced the S line with a more aggressive wheel and tire combination.Honda
If you’re looking for an inexpensive sport rig that can do a bit of everything, it’s hard to go wrong with the Talon.Honda
Mmmmmm. Red A-arms.Honda
The final permutation in the 2023 Honda Talon S line is the 1000RS Live Valve in Matte Abyss Black.Honda
The Matte Abyss Black is the only color shared across 1000XS, 1000RS, and 1000RS Live Valve trims.Honda
This with some bronze KMC beadlocks? Sold.Honda
We’re still waiting on an adjustable throttle map for the Talon.Honda
In our testing, the combination of Fox Live Valve and launch mode makes for a considerably quicker machine off the line.Honda
The 2023 Honda Talon looks good and menacing in all black.Honda
Honda says the Talon’s engine uses a semi-dry-sump oiling system.Honda
Expect to see the 2023 Honda Talon 1000 S line in dealers soon.Honda

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