2024 Kawasaki Ridge Gallery

All the photos of the all-new Kawasaki Ridge.

The long-awaited Kawasaki Ridge has just been unveiled. The new side-by-side from Kawasaki was teased to be a new rec-ute that could compete with the Yamaha RMAX and Polaris Xpedition, and that’s exactly what we got. It’s an affordable do-it-all rig and even has specialized trim levels for utility and sport use. The Ridge is yet another new competitor in a previously barren side-by-side category, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Here is every photo we have of the 2024 Kawasaki Ridge!

The Ridge is designed for work and play, and shows Kawasaki taking on a new market segment.Kawasaki
A front-facing camera keeps tabs on trail details.Kawasaki
The Ridge can carry up to 1,000 pounds in its generous dump bed.Kawasaki
The Ridge wears 27-inch Duro tires front and rear.Kawasaki
The luxurious Limited trim comes with a Garmin tablet, fitted with a GPS, pitch and roll sensors, and a compass.Kawasaki
The full-enclosed cab of the Limited trim will keep you dry on muddy trails.Kawasaki
The Kawasaki Ridge makes 92 hp out of an inline-four engine. The Ridge is just the second side-by-side in the world to feature an inline-four.Kawasaki
The Ridge Limited and HVAC trims come with an enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning.Kawasaki
Starting at just $23,999, the Ridge nudges itself into the affordable category.Kawasaki
The Ridge is aimed at the likes of the Yamaha RMAX, but leans more heavily toward utility than the Yamaha.Kawasaki
The Ridge can tow up to 2,000 pounds, which rivals most pure-work side-by-sides.Kawasaki
Shift-on-the-fly 4WD and a locking rear diff are standard across all Ridge models.Kawasaki
With HVAC, sculpted seats, and an automotive-style interior layout, Kawasaki is catching up to the competition’s plush interiors.Kawasaki
The HVAC trim sits between the open-cab Ranch Edition and the up-market Limited.Kawasaki
If you want HVAC without having to spend the money for all of the bells and whistles of the Limited, the HVAC trim is for you.Kawasaki
The HVAC trim starts at $29,999, $6,000 more than the Ranch Edition.Kawasaki
A choice of three different power modes lets you fully customize your ride.Kawasaki
The Ridge Ranch Edition forgoes creature comforts in favor of cost savings and hard work.Kawasaki
With the Ranch Edition, you get a winch, embroidered seats, and special graphics. It may not seem like a lot, but the Ranch Edition is currently the cheapest Ridge trim, starting at $23,999.Kawasaki
The Ridge gets 12.7 inches of suspension travel front and rear.Kawasaki
The pure base-model Ridge and the more powerful Ridge XR lineup will be available later this year.Kawasaki
The 2-inch hitch receiver means that you can use all of the equipment you currently have without having to buy smaller hitches.Kawasaki
The Ridge XR is the sportier model, coming standard with 30-inch tires as opposed to 27s, sport bucket seats, and 24 more horsepower.Kawasaki
While the XR is more sport-focused, it still functions just as well as a utility machine and support rig.Kawasaki
The Ridge XR will come in three trims: the Ridge XR, the Ridge HVAC, and the Ridge XR Deluxe. The HVAC will be released this spring while the other two trims will be released in the fall.Kawasaki
The enclosed cab comes with locking doors, meaning you can keep your belongings safe while leaving the Ridge unattended.Kawasaki
Camping and overlanding has taken the side-by-side world by storm, and the Ridge is another competitor in the growing rec-ute market.Kawasaki
The Ridge XR will come in two colors, Ice Gray and Metallic Graystone.Kawasaki
With a width of 64 inches and a wheelbase of 90.7, the Ridge XR is the right size for tighter East Coast trails.Kawasaki
Switch between work, sport, and normal driving modes to suit the trail conditions.Kawasaki
The Ridge XR features all-LED exterior lighting.Kawasaki
Stay dry in the completely sealed cab of the XR HVAC.Kawasaki
The Ridge XR has 14.5 inches of ground clearance, up slightly from the standard Ridge lineup.Kawasaki
The top trim of the Kawasaki Ridge, the Ridge Limited.Kawasaki
The Ridge Limited comes with a full brush guard on the front end.Kawasaki
Kawasaki offers a three-year warranty on all Ridge models.Kawasaki
The 999cc liquid-cooled four-stroke inline-four engine puts out 92 hp.Kawasaki
The Ridge Limited comes in Metallic Shadow Gold.Kawasaki
The Ridge gets a 1,000-pound drop-bed, letting you carry as much gear as possible.Kawasaki
The Limited trim gets an 8-inch Garmin Tread tablet.Kawasaki
The Kawasaki Ridge Ranch Edition.Kawasaki
The Ranch Edition shuns HVAC and the enclosed cab, but for $23,999, you still get a Warn winch and special-edition seats.Kawasaki
The Ridge comes with a CVT, in line with most other UTVs.Kawasaki
You can connect and monitor your Ridge through the Kawasaki Rideology app.Kawasaki
The Ridge Ranch Edition comes in Metallic Stardust White.Kawasaki
The Ridge comes standard with a backup camera.Kawasaki
The Ranch Edition removes the Garmin tablet to lower the MSRP. You get a neat storage bin in place of it though.Kawasaki
The Kawasaki Ridge HVAC.Kawasaki
The HVAC trim comes in Candy Persimmon Red.Kawasaki
The HVAC and Limited models will be available this fall.Kawasaki
The interior of the Kawasaki Ridge HVAC.Kawasaki
The Kawasaki Ridge XR.Kawasaki
Embrace the sportier side of the Ridge with 24 more horses than the standard model.Kawasaki
The XR will be released in the spring.Kawasaki
In this case, bigger is better. The Ridge XR comes with 30-inch tires that make it feel more planted and stable than the base models.Kawasaki
Get all of the features of a utility rig while being able to rip along your favorite trails on the weekend.Kawasaki
The carpeted interior helps reduce outside noise.Kawasaki
The Kawasaki Ridge’s engine.Kawasaki
Not the superpowered, high-horsepower monster that we were hoping for, but still plenty of power for a rec-ute.Kawasaki
The 27-inch tires that come standard on the Ridge.Kawasaki

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