10 Best Features Of Honda’s All-New Talon 1000RHonda

There are many features that get praise when a new machine hits the floor and some that simply get lost in the shuffle, but in this short editorial we wanted to share 10 of the best features we found on the 2019 Honda Talon 1000R. This includes comfort items all the way to the brute strength of the performance engine.

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Custom Seating:

In the 2019 Talon 1000R the seats are incredibly inviting. They are bolstered in such a way to give not only great support when driving fast in a straight line but also support during hard corners. Adding aftermarket safety harnesses is common with sport SxS machines, so Honda also included preinstalled cutouts for those four-/five-point harnesses along with a built-in harness bar behind the seats.Honda

15-Inch Rims:

This may not seem like a very important feature, but if you look at how much room this rim size gives the owner for those oversized braking kits, it then becomes very important. The 15-inch rim on the Talon R is dressed in a 28-inch Maxxis spec tire built specifically for Honda. Honda has also tested the 2019 Talon with 30-inch tires to be sure that when you get ready to customize your ride it will handle the load.Honda

Cargo Bed:

The Honda Talon is no farm vehicle, but you might want to haul a cooler or spare tire at some point and the spacious bed allows you to do so. The tie-down points in the cargo area give plenty of stout reinforced hooks to get that Yeti 110 strapped in good.Honda

DCT Transmission:

Building a transmission without a belt in today’s market is a step out from the pack, and Honda’s DCT, or Dual Clutch Transmission, has proven itself in many Ride Red machines. This fully automatic six-speed transmission provides twin shifting modes in Normal as well as Sport for those who love to be in control. This all-gear transmission also provides engine-braking for steeper trails.Honda

Fox Shocks:

No brand in the off-road industry is on more flagship UTVs than Fox shocks. The Podium 2.5 shock setup on the Talon R gives this machine the damping it needs for fast-paced rough trail riding. Did we mention these are fully rebuildable and come with the QS3 triple-selection adjustment clicker?Honda

Sport SxS Hill Start Assist:

Having a feature to make you feel much more secure on steep terrain is invaluable. The Hill Start Assist allows you to simply press a button on the dash and, in a computerized hold, you have a few seconds to go from the brake pedal to the gas pedal without stalling the Talon. This is great if you have those friends who cannot make it up anything without blocking the trail.Honda

Paddle Shifting:

This has to be one of the funnest features in the entire machine. To simple brush a finger across the left or right paddle and get a gear higher or lower allows you to really focus on the terrain ahead. It also lets you feel like an IndyCar driver at the same time!Honda

Innovative Rear Suspension:

Trying new things is how many great companies stay at the top of the game in the off-road industry. Honda has developed what it calls its 4+ link trailing-arm system for the rear end of the Talon 1000R. The unique approach adds a very different mounting strategy to the upper control arms and trailing arms, but it also has been proven effective by reducing the amount of toe change to a mere 0.03 throughout the stroke of the suspension travel.Honda

Performance 999cc Engine:

One last feature that some may miss is the advancements in this engine platform. This Unicam design is modeled after the Honda CRF engine and bears striking similarities to the Honda Pioneer powerplant. However, the cam profile has been changed to get even more power from the Talon’s heart and the intake valves have also been unshrouded to allow better flow into the combustion chamber. These modifications along with the 46mm throttle body give this engine roughly 32 more noticeable horsepower over the Pioneer engine.Honda

Built Tough:

Everything from the CV axle joints to the radius rods and A-arms on the suspension of the Talon are built for that harsh riding and heavy foot. Superior steel construction and brilliant powdercoated finishes make these parts tough yet sharp to the eye. Utilizing heavier material on the CV joints themselves also means less wear and puncture resistance on the trail.Honda