Philly Cops Get Early Start Confiscating ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Early warm weather means the 12 o’clock boys are running afoul of the law again.

New York City police organized a similar deterrent tactic in 2022.NYC Mayor’s Office

Northern cities have been cracking down in the last few years on unregistered ATVs and dirt bikes that mob around in the summer months. In Philadelphia, police have already started bringing the hammer down. On Wednesday of last week, Philly cops confiscated 15 dirt bikes and ATVs in two hours, according to the local ABC affiliate.

The confiscations are meant to deter the crowds of unregistered, not street-legal ATVs and dirt bikes that sometimes mob city centers. Cops in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and other cities have all made shows in the last few years of confiscating and crushing illegal machines. The move generally gets plenty of ink, but the problem hasn’t seemed to slack off much.

If Philly’s early start is anything to go on, we’ll see if the strategy has legs this year. We have our suspicions that it’ll be little more than a scare tactic, but we’ll see.

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