Watch the Hilarious SXSBlog Cheap Quad Challenge Finale

A tractor pull wraps up SXSBlog’s ridiculous Cheap Quad Challenge.

The control rig, a 2022 CFMoto, making short work of the Smart car.SXSBlog

If you watch SXSBlog regularly, it seems like the crew have been in the middle of their Cheap Quad Challenge since roughly 2019. After all, the contest has now spanned eight rounds, which for YouTubers is a level of consistency that rivals Old Faithful. This week, they finally reached the last round of the challenge, a “tractor pull,” where the clapped-out ATVs must drag a Smart car as far as possible. And, to simulate the moving weight of a real tractor pull sled, the Smart car passenger pulled the e-brake at 30 feet into the run.

This almost went sideways in a big way. The Polaris just didn’t have the guts to keep all four wheels on the ground.SXSBlog

The control run was made by a 2022 CFMoto CForce 1000 Overland, which dragged the hapless Smart more or less at will, even with the tiny car in park. The beater quads wouldn’t make it nearly as far. We won’t spoil the result, but the crew resorted to some extreme measures to get the most out of their worn-out rigs. The winner is something of a dark horse, but we won’t spoil it.

Matt resorts to bunny hops to try and get some precious inches out of his pull.SXSBlog

Along the way, there are plenty of wheelies, burned belts, false starts, bad gear selections, and general terribleness. It’s worth the lunch break watch. Check it out at the link!

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