We Saved $60k On a Truck With Our 2006 Toyota Sequoia!

We Build The BEST UTV Tow Rig for Less Than $10,000!

We’ve had our 2006 Toyota Sequoia a year ago as a daily driver and light UTV tow rig. In that time, we’ve piled more than 20,000 miles on the old girl, and overall we’re stoked on it. Our favorite thing about the Sequoia is that it cost us a paltry $9,000. It’s proof positive that you don’t need to spend $75,000 on a brand-new ¾-ton truck to haul your side-by-sides around, saving you thousands.

There are a few issues with the truck as it left Toyota, though, and we’ve made a couple key mods to take care of them. First and biggest, we installed a set of air helper springs on the rear axle to combat the Toyota’s tendency to squat under tongue wait. They transformed the rig for the better.

Hit the video to see our other mods and thoughts on our 2006 Toyota Sequoia. Then, like, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for way more!

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