What We Love and Hate About the Can-Am Commander XT 700

We go over the right-sized Commander in detail.

We’ve been putting hours on the 2023 Can-Am Commander XT 700, and we’ve found plenty to love. The little rig weighs less than 1,700 lbs, and despite its 52 horsepower output, has no trouble keeping up with more muscular rigs on the trail. The functional dump bed, 4,500 pound winch, and full doors are all impressive bits of kit on a rig that costs less than $17,000. But no machine is perfect. The little Commander has its fair share of annoying attributes, which is why we headed up to Windrock Park last week to walk you around the rig.

If you’re thinking about picking up a Commander XT 700, you’ll want to watch our video. Some of our complaints are minor, such as the lack of a fuel cap tether and the curious cup holder placement, while others may be more of a problem long term. Check out the clip below, and let us know what you think.

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