Watch This Tracked Can-Am Groom Perfect Ski Trails

With tank tracks and a snow groomer, long lines of beautiful corduroy are the order of the day.

Getting from point A to point B in deep snow is a slog. Without the right vehicle, you’ll easily find yourself stuck in the house, and when you live in western Montana, that isn’t an option. Snowfall starts here in late September and if you aren’t ready, you’ll be buried till spring. The guys at Alpine Falls Ranch in Superior, Montana, rely on tracked Can-Am Defender HD-10s to get around in the wintertime, but the rigs are way more than just transportation.

We learned in this video that they’re handy as heck for making ski trails on the property for the ranch’s guests. With more than 500 acres across two properties, there’s tons of room to play, and that means these machines and the snow groomer get a workout all winter.

Check out how cool this Can-Am Defender HD-10 is with tracks!

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