Rak Pullover From Mosko Moto Is Rugged and Stylish

A UTV-ready jacket nice enough to wear to family events

Keep dry on your ride with the Rak Pullover.Mosko Moto

Finding UTV gear is easy. Finding UTV gear that is ready for torrential rainfall is a little more difficult. Finding that rain-ready UTV gear that looks nice enough to wear to a family dinner is basically impossible. Or so we thought until we stumbled upon Mosko Moto and its Rak Pullover, and found our gear unicorn.

Mosko Moto is a company that creates and designs gear for ADV motorcycle riders. You know, the guys who think spending weeks at a time straddled across a motorcycle as they cross deserts, forests, and the like is fun. While we don’t always understand their madness, we do appreciate that this kind of riding takes some very rugged gear, which makes it perfect for all of us UTV fans.

Mosko Moto offers two colors to choose from.Mosko Moto

The Rak Pullover is a lightweight rain shell built to keep the wet stuff off of your body without making you too sweaty underneath. While we typically prefer a standard zip-up jacket, for wet-weather riding the Rak has some benefits. By cutting out the full-length center zipper, you get a solid piece of material to keep the water out. Nothing is worse than feeling that cold stripe in the center of your chest as water starts soaking through your zipper after blasting through a deep water crossing. Mosko Moto also brings up the fact that fewer openings and less stitched area means fewer points of failure. You can’t bust a seam in a jacket if there is no seam to start with.

Finally, there’s the style of this thing. The flat sheen of the material and modern cut of the sleeves and pockets make the Rak look more like a modern skiing jacket than a piece of off-road gear. If you had a spouse stare at you and ask, “Are you really wearing that to town?” when you put on your favorite riding jacket, this will fix some of those issues. It looks clean and stylish in a way that most UTV gear fails to match up to. You can also choose a red one or a blue one.

Designed for ADV motorcycle use, rugged enough for UTV Driver.Mosko Moto

The asking price of $349 is a little steep when compared to some of our favorite jackets from Fox Racing and Thor, but the style, quality, and weather-stopping ability should beat out the more affordable options you are used to. If you want to keep extra dry on the trails, Mosko Moto also sells a matching overpant to complete your wet-weather ensemble.