Trinity Racing Terra Gloves

A slick set of affordable gloves.

Trinity Terra gloves.Trinity Racing

We go through gloves like a hot knife through butter around here, and the fact is that the thin nylon jobs you get from a lot of places just don’t last very long. They’re comfy when it’s warm out, but you have to budget a few bucks every few rides to replace gloves that didn’t hold up.

The leather and fabric Trinity Terra gloves look like a different story, and they’re super affordable. At $30, you get a ballistic nylon and leather glove with a padded palm and single Velcro strap closure. They’re touchscreen compatible, so you can keep them on while you’re adjusting your navigation or sending a quick text.

The gloves are designed for driving, so the padding and materials are arranged with steering wheels in mind. Most of the time, any glove will do, but when the details have been thought out for driving, they’re just that much more comfortable. And at $30, they’re a steal. Check them out here.

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