American Landmaster Launching Electric Side-by-Side in September 2022

There’s a new contender in the electric side-by-side market.

Electric side-by-sides are the ultimate tool to get you and your equipment into the woods for a day of hunting.American Landmaster

Electric side-by-sides are making their mark with models like the Polaris Ranger Kinetic and Volcon Stag. American Landmaster, an Indiana-based manufacturer, plans to add to that list in September with the Lithium-Ion 4x4.

The four-wheel-drive EV UTV comes standard with a 160P AH battery that American Landmaster claims will offer 50 miles of range, though don’t expect much in the way of top speed. The rig is limited to 30 mph. The lithium-ion battery is expected to last 10 years with 3,500 charge cycles. A new heavy-duty IRS axle will also be available on the 4WD EV models.

The 50 miles of range is enough for a round trip to many secluded camping destinations.American Landmaster

The American Landmaster EV 4x4s are built on the same platform as the L7 and will share most of the available accessories. It will also share the same four-wheel disc brakes, rollover protection, and three-point seatbelts to keep you safe on the trails. With a standard locking differential and 25-inch Max-Terrain HD tires, the Lithium-Ion 4x4 should be able to handle farm duty.

The electric side-by-side offers a 500-pound bed capacity standard, but if you need more capacity, there’s an optional HD suspension that raises that figure to 700 pounds. If you fully deplete your battery, you can expect an eight-hour charge time before you can put the Landmaster back to work. The price of a standard-optioned Landmaster EV 4x4 is $17,499 and that difference makes it tough to choose it over the comparable Polaris Ranger EV with its entry price of $12,499.

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