2023 Ford Raptor R Targets Ram TRX With 700 HP V-8

It comes with 37-inch tires, the GT500′s supercharged 5.2 liters, and a $109,145 price tag.

The V8 Raptor returns, this time with 700 horsepower.Ford

Production of the last Ford F-150 Raptor with a V-8 under its hood ended in 2014, and for 2023 the V-8 off-road monster is back in the form of the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R. Packed with the Mustang GT500′s Predator 5.2-liter supercharged V-8, the truck boasts 700 hp, 37-inch tires, and all of the suspension greatness the Raptor is known for. Sounds like a heck of a party.

Not that the existing “standard” F-150 Raptor’s twin-turbo V-6 is lacking for power, but Ford had to release a beast with two extra cylinders to compete with the heavy firepower from Ram’s Hellcat-powered TRX. While the Ram makes 702 hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque, the new Raptor R lands with a level 700 horses and 640 lb.-ft. It’s surprising that Ford didn’t shoot for the moon to take down its rival, though the Raptor R supposedly weighs about 400 pounds less than the Ram. Power-to-weight then clearly goes in the favor of the Ford. Also worth considering is that the last V-8 Raptor had a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V-8 that cranked out 411 hp and 434 lb.-ft. Today’s EcoBoost model makes 450 hp and 510 lb.-ft. torque, and the R clearly kicks those numbers to the curb.

Ford changed the 5.2-liter engine and its blower for the Raptor. Engineers swapped the pulley and reworked the programming to maximize low-end torque for off-road use. Additionally, the exhaust manifolds are now cast stainless steel, the oil pan is deeper to help prevent starvation on steep grades, and the new air intake inlet allows for 66 percent increased volume. Versus an EcoBoost-powered Raptor, the R has a different, beefier front axle, a revised torque converter, and a whole slew of Code Orange accents and “R” badging. While 35-inch tires are the default option on the base truck, the R gets 37s across the board. Ground clearance is a massive 13.1 inches, and wheel travel is 13 inches up front and 14.1 inches at the back.

The 2023 Raptor R’s price tag is a hefty one at $109,145. Yet we all know most TRXs have sold for over sticker price, and since the Raptor R will be the new king of the block when it hits dealers, its price might as well reflect that. We’re big fans of the current Raptor and the return of the V-8 should make for an even better time. Perhaps a TRX-trouncing one. Production starts in late 2022, and we can’t wait to find out.