4 Big, Scary Bumpers To Stiff-Arm The Zombies

ATV/UTV bumpers for running down the zombies

Walking out to the front yard and noticing that the street is filled with mindless humans wandering aimlessly toward the sun is not far from what some witness today. However, having a machine prepared to sift through the stalled-out slothful movements of the walking dead is crucial so we set out to find bumpers that will stiff-arm the groaning mannequins into orbit and out of your trail. These four bumpers will not only give you protection from trail debris, or encourage that slower driver, but will ensure that the front of your rig is well protected.

Aces Racing Polaris RZR 1000 Bumper

Aces Racing Polaris RZR 1000 Bumper: $149.99Amazon

Finding a good bumper for your Polaris RZR these days is almost as easy as kicking an anthill and waiting for the small pests to begin to gather, but getting quality products can be much harder. We found this all-steel bumper from Aces Racing to have the qualities of a formidable product and with 0.095 DOM construction as well as a five-year warranty you cannot go wrong. Not to mention it’s priced very well and black powdercoated to give that lasting slick surface to deflect the walking bones.

HMF Defender Bumper For Can-Am Maverick X3

HMF Defender Bumper For Can-Am Maverick X3: $356.25Amazon

Now HMF is no stranger to building bumpers or any other Zombie swiping products for the ATV and SxS of your choice, but this one goes specifically for the Maverick X3. This scratch-resistant, MIG-welded, powdercoated, and 100 percent made in the USA bumper sits tight and low on the Can-Am Maverick X3 allowing the driver to just choose placement and wipe out the walking dead. This beast of a bumper also comes ready for a variety of winches and even has a position available for the LED light of your choice!

SuperATV Heavy-Duty Yamaha Grizzly Bumper

SuperATV Heavy-Duty Yamaha Grizzly Bumper: $144.95Amazon

If you are one of the ones riding solo and loving it, then this bumper is for you and your Yamaha Grizzly. The fact that you have an awesome utility ATV is already a testament to your shrewd and knowledgeable skill set when picking out a machine. This aggressive-looking bumper from SuperATV gives you total front end protection and deflection when sweeping through the minefield of corpses. Being black powdercoated and all-steel construction, this bumper will not only clear a path but protect your headlights from the remains as well.

Bison Can-Am Outlander Bumper

Bison Can-Am Outlander Bumper: $199.99Amazon

Life would not be the same if you had never had a chance to ride a Can-Am Outlander ATV, and with this extreme-coverage bull bumper by Bison you will love it even more. This has to be the best coverage for the buck and with sloping rails the dead men walking just slip right under your machine. The Rotax power then gobbles them up into dust. This powdercoated behemoth offers more protection than a squad of demon-fighting warlords, and if your neighbors decide to hop a ride, you all will get out safely. Hopefully!