The Dometic Patrol 35 Cooler Is a Perfect Fit

The new ice chest was made for side-by-side life.

The Dometic Patrol 35 fits perfectly in the bed of a 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R.Zach Bowman

There’s no shortage of well-insulated coolers on the market. Yeti opened the floodgates on premium ice chests that can keep your food and drinks cold for days, and the market is full of similar alternatives. Dometic is no stranger to that game, as the company has been helping people get into the sticks for years with its line of 12-volt refrigerators. But we don’t need a powered unit for a day ride, which is where the company’s Patrol 35 cooler comes in. Dometic sent us a unit to try out, and we threw it in the bed of the 2022 RZR Pro R for eight hours in the Tennessee heat.

At 15x16x27 inches, the Patrol 35 is a perfect fit for the Pro R’s bed, and the beveled edges make it easy to cinch down with a pair of Rok Straps. Dometic says the cooler can fit up to 28 cans. We were nowhere near that capacity with a handful of drinks for four guys and 10 pounds of ice, but we loaded up the included basket with food we didn’t want to get crushed during the ride. Even after battling up a black-diamond route, our sandwiches and chips were as good as when I dropped them into the Patrol 35 four hours earlier.

An included basket and freezer seals set the Patrol apart.Zach Bowman

Outside temperatures hung around 85 degrees Fahrenheit during our ride, and the Patrol had no trouble keeping its ice solid during our eight-hour day. We’re confident the thing could stay frosty over the course of a weekend. At $183.99, the Patrol 35 is reasonably priced. Yeti’s similarly sized Tundra 35 will set you back $275, and does not come with a basket. It also fits fewer cans.

Do you need a pricey cooler for a day on the trail? Probably not, but the Patrol 35 is built like a tank. Its one-handed rubber clasps and beefy hinges feel like they’ll take years of abuse, unlike the cheaper units sold at big-box stores. You can check out more information on the Patrol 35 at the Dometic site.

The Patrol 35 is available in five colors, but we’re partial to Olive, seen here.Zach Bowman

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